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Back in June Finn won two tickets to go to Vulcania having been the meilleur vendeur of his school’s tombola tickets. Hoorah!

So I spent yesterday taking him and a friend there before it closed for winter. If you are ever going through the Auvergne on the A89 and have a couple of hours to spare on a nice sunny day I can recommend it. We had a great time. It is a science theme park based on volcanoes and a bit on dinosaurs. Really well done, loads of those 3D interactive short films where the seats move and jets spray water in your face and you actually feel like you are riding on the back of an ancient creature from the dinosaur days… The place is brilliantly designed and laid out in lovely grounds. The main volcano cone shape was designed by an Austrian architect. As an old Geography teacher I approve and have included a photo of the view from the péage of a few old volcanos that you see in this area including the Volvic water symbol Puy Pariou which is just behind Vulcania.

On the way there just having set off we passed our trees and spotted three cheeky chevreuil in there having a good munch, hopefully just the grass and not the tree bark.

Then a little further on and the boys spotted the most brilliant set of contrails which we had to take a quick snap of.



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