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Birch Water Carp Venue

Finally, having done all that work on the lake we can now say that the lake is no longer classed as ‘eaux libres’ but is now ‘eaux closes’ meaning that in accordance with regulations we can now manage it as we wish.

What we want to do is to combine the beautiful environment with the nature of the lake and the fact that there are already some very nice carp in there with the demand for fishing trips and anglers that seek out our sort of place to come and spend a week ‘tranquil’ by the water, soaking it all up along with trying to catch some really nice fish.  So Birch Water Carp Venue is born.

Please contact us for all the info, Music is the man to give you the lowdown , a keen carp angler for a very long time, he can also cook you up a mean evening meal and a fancy breakfast as well as sort out your bait and bivvies.

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