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Short trip to Lyon with Sophie to meet up with friends. The same weekend it turns out that Paris was on the receiving end of a big dollop of grim.  We, on the other hand had a lovely time and managed to walk 15 kms on Saturday from the old town – Vieux Lyon right across to the swanky shopping centre by the Part Dieu station. We had cafe breakfasts and bought roses and peacock feathers (well one actually, which survived the whole day without getting bent!), reading lights and other bits and bob.  On Sunday morning there was an impressive market along the river from our hotel where we had a wander.

In the old town the girls took us to a surprisingly big museum of cinema and miniatures. It was amazing – it had a collection of special effects and props from films, some of which I had actually heard of… Not surprising as my film watching is pretty non-existent (our local cinema in St Yrieix la Perche has some good films on and I should go more often, this week The Lobster v.o. or Spectre in French?). Anyway, back to Lyon – as you can see in the photos the bits I liked more in the museum were the miniatures. Matchsticks carved so that when you looked at them through a magnifying glass you could see whole cities and fleets of boats! The rooms in the photos were tiny too, with all that detail reproduced to scale. There were sewing baskets with all their contents in fabulous detail, the whole thing no bigger than a cherry tomato.

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