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The summer

Well here’s a taste of our school summer holidays this year, quite a whirlwind of travel and amusement: biking in the Alps, a day trip to Collonges-la-Rouge with Sophie, another basket course here in St Yrieix la Perche with Olivier Ton, time with family in London, taxi run to Poland to collect Soph who had been there for just under a month (not a bad little adventure at 13), over to Ussel to pick up an excellent little motorbike for Finn (and the rest of us) and two weeks at home with friends and family.

In London we spotted a range of fancy Birch water which was interesting at £10 / litre. Mind you, you’d need a fair few trees to set up a production line. That’s where the Russians and Swedes with their Silver Birch forests have a slight advantage.

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