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To make the most of having built and supplied St Yrieix la Perche with their swanky new buvette (bar construction), I have stencilled our contact info onto the barge boards that run along the front of it. It says

buvette fournie par l’entreprise la maison – 06 40 30 70 90 – music@la-maison.biz

(Having a dot biz is good in France as it sounds like you are saying bises which is what the French say for kisses – an important part of life here – and quite a few comment and seem to like this connection, funny…)

Anyway, I cut the letters out having printed them off and stuck down the long line of holy paper with a temporary glue and then sprayed it black and sealed it all. It was a bit windy and so I did get a bit of colour bleed, but it’s fine – it will get the message across and if anyone is in the market for something similar they can give us a call.

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