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Well, we love a bit of Halloween around here. We had ghoulish buns and green slime cocktails, bats in the house and a large smiling courgette to see visitors in.  The kids found some like-minded friends and cobbled together some costumes and went off round the village looking for anyone who might give them sweets. They did surprisingly well and came back well after dark pockets bulging.


We only grew butternut squash this year as opposed to any other type of squash as we end up using them for halloween instead of eating them. So this year we had to get original for the lanterns and managed to find a couple of very large overgrown courgettes up on the compost heap instead. It wasn’t just large courgettes that had been hiding either, as when I came to clear the bottom bit of the vegetable garden where the pepper and aubergine plants were I found to my great surprise the most enormous aubergine that we had completely missed picking. Anyway you can look at the photos and be amazed! even if they’re not the best quality…

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