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It’s really happening!

Crazy or what!!

We’re really doing this. Not that I didn’t think so of course what with everything that’s been going on around here lately, but the thought that it’s really going to happen later on is crazy!! Certainly no going back now.

The stages have been fabricated – thanks to Ludo the local feronnier for the beautiful welded metal strut across the roof of the main stage – and erected and the rest of the site is growing out of the ground. The entrance, the food and bar tents, the human table football, the crate stacking, the kids tent, the electrics (super important:-)), the parking field.

Plus so many of our family and friends are here, it’s mad and totally, totally brilliant. Up until this morning the weather  couldn’t have been better although when we looked out this morning it looked hugely threatening, with thunder rolling around somewhere not too far away, yikes, not great…

Last night we all ate at the bar/restaurant at Rouffiac lake – all 90 of us!! We arranged a little pre-festival concert with performances by Heather, Jon, Jon and the MusicMan. Thanks to Gérald and Sylvie for that, it was brilliant and such a lovely place.

What will it all bring, we’ll see, but if everything so far is anything to go by it should be great fun. Still time to get your tickets – le-festival.com or come and buy them at the gate. Signs from Glandon.

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