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School bees

Well, I had been helping out at a Concours de Petanque in our village and just as I was going back through the primary school playground I came upon a fire engine, stabilisers down, ladder fully extended. Well it wasn’t for a fire or even to rescue a cat, but for a swarm of bees in the chimney of the old building.  Firemen, I was reliably informed by the wife of a fireman at the scene are trained to deal with bees and they even have their own suave navy blue suits instead of the standard white ones usually seen.

Anyway I took these pictures at about 10pm and they had completed their intervention just before midnight, transferring the swarm into a hive which they took to a local beekeeper to deal with. A safer situation for the children and teachers to come back to on Monday morning. The Pompiers will not come to a domestic situation, only public places, so you need to find a local who provides a bee removal service like the sign in the photo that is posted at our Mairie.  Buzzzzzzzz…………………..

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