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annual willow prune

Once a year jobs seem to come round very quickly like this one to prune one row of the willow. Cut with a chainsaw and then gathered mostly for the bonfire, some saved for edging the bottom beds. The idea is that we cut one row back each year alternating to give each row two years growth. This means that we never have to worry that the roots will become too big and it keeps the finer swish-in-the-wind type growth that we prefer. The only problem really with the willow hedge is that is becomes a haven for wasps and hornets in the summer. They get drunk on the aphid’s honeydew that the ants farm and become docile, but it’s still a bit of a worry. So this year we will try to spray the aphids earlier with a concoction of essential oil of mint and savon noir which is supposed to work. We’ll see.

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