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Adieu oaks

Very sad to say that we had to cut down the two large oak trees that stood at either end of the dam last week. They had become high risk as if they were ever to be uprooted by strong winds or lightning for example then they might destabilise the dam forcing it to fail and then the lake water would flood down stream and then we’d be in massive trouble. So the authorities told us to get rid of them. Luckily we know a man who can climb trees (well he can climb anything including big mountains) and luckily he was willing to help us do it. He took them down in sections using chainsaws and a JCB to pull the large limbs in the right direction. A hard couple of days work for all involved, sorry to see them go, but there you have it – responsible lake ownership, a lake is not just for Christmas and all that…. TIMBER….

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