deck side view

Nia + Keith

Glandon, Limousin |

Construction of a new deck



When we renovated our house in Glandon, we had a balcony added so that we could catch the morning sun. That was all well and good but then we decided we needed to catch the afternoon/evening sun as well. The answer was a terrace on the opposite side of the house facing our expanse of garden. And, in for a penny, we decided to make it big – in fact the length of the house. Peter Gilbert at La Maison quoted an excellent price and said he would be happy to build it while we were away. And so, when we returned a few weeks later we were able to step out onto the fantastic deck that can accommodate a dining table, garden furniture, barbecue etc. The team at La Maison did a great job and recommended the local ferronnier Ludovic Roze for the railing and the steps to the garden. Our regular electrician Jean-Marc Claux from Lanouaille installed the lighting. We are very pleased with it all and have been using the terrace a lot ourselves and as an extra room to entertain friends. I can certainly recommend the team at La Maison – great job.