metal jug
three pots
metal water jug

a classic vintage french school water jug

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Snail tap
Snail tap
snail tap

A tap with a snail as the bit you hold to turn it on and off. In good condition, turns easily. 16cm high x 8cm (minus the screw thread). Standard one inch thread with squeaky washer!

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vintage french blue enamel l
vintage blue ladle
enamel ladle

A quality item in good condition, would look good in any kitchen.

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metal jug on gravel
metal jug spout
metal jug

Old aluminium jug with painted black handle and pouring spout. 19cm x 27cm x 29cm high.

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vintage stop sign
vintage stop sign
metal stop sign

a rare, vintage French metal stop sign. Red and white on silvery metal.

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