Paul Bocuse pair of plates
P Bocuse pair of plates underside
pair of plates

a perfect pair of plates from P Bocuse in chestnut, sage and blue on white china, 1978

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blue and white plate
blue and white plate from above
blue and white plate

This plate has a lovely feel and finish, fairly lightweight, in perfect condition with no scratches or chips it would make a lovely addition to your summer table.

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small pots
small pots
pots with lids

2 small pots in wood with a decorated ceramic lid.

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Vavro plate from above
Vavro plate from side
Vavro plate

This is a double sided serving Villeroy and Bosch plate designed by the Vavro house for Paul Bocuse a famous French chef. Produced for the 2007 Bocuse d’Or competition it is hardly ‘Vintage’ but does have that feel about it.

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yellow pot
three jugs
pot with handle

really attractive pot with handle in a lovely mustard yellow part glaze. A solid item with no cracks

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