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The Malta is located in the Northern part of Europe, wedged between the Italian Alps and the Sicilian Ocean. It is a small island, covered entirely by water and is bordered on three sides by the Italian Navy and on the other sides by the Maltese coast. It is a small island, yet has one of the most developed climates in the Mediterranean, which makes it perfect for inbound marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services. Inbound marketing encompasses both traditional and modern approaches to marketing, and the Malta has been successful at both of them, as evidenced by its ranking at the top 10 of Google’s “most popular” results for the city in June 2021. Malta is also home to a number of leading websites such as the Hotel Grand Mitheli, the Maltese Film Museum, the Malta Coastguard Museum, and the Malta Jazz Festival, which draw hundreds of visitors from all over Europe.

SEO Malta & Gozo are an online marketing company based in Malta that focuses on offering SEO and webcesses to international clients. SEO Malta & Gozo were established in 2021 by Donal Maurer and Brian Keelan, with the intention of providing high-quality, low-cost search engine optimization solutions. In their mission to bring affordable search engine optimization solutions to the Maltese market, they started with offering affordable web hosting solutions. Later they added affiliate marketing and webmaster’s management services. Today, they are recognized as one of the most efficient internet marketing companies in Malta, with experts that focus on all areas of web conversions, internet marketing strategy, content writing and development, link building, PPC and Email marketing, search engine marketing, website optimisation, and more.

They offer several packages to choose from and are always ready to answer questions from new customers and those that want to upgrade their services. Their most important service to offer is search engine optimization (SEO), which includes web designing, development, domain names, site promotion and search engine optimization. The main goals of the company are to enhance brand recognition, generate traffic and increase sales. They believe that people are very critical of what they see, so they provide inbound marketing services for both on and off-site optimization. SEO Malta & Gozo are committed to delivering a comprehensive solution to their customers through professional SEO planning, link building, and content writing and development.

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